It's not just business... it's personal!

Our family experienced severe allergies and respiratory issues for years. As a health care specialist, I was frustrated that after many surgeries and countless medications, we couldn’t find a solution.

I always knew that one of the primary factors was the air in our home. After years of installing and testing more than two dozen different air filtration systems and purification technologies, we finally developed a system that works.

I’m passionate about air quality and how it affects our health. Today, more than ever, we must pay attention to the air in our homes and work environments!

We would love to work with your family or business and help you breathe better!

Denny Castillo, Owner

Does your home or commercial space have poor air quality that may be causing health issues?

How it all started...

Quality Air Indoor Specialists is dedicated to bringing best-in-industry technicians and professionalism to the HVAC industry.
After twenty years of building Centers of Excellence in the medical device implant market here in Charlotte, Denny and Dee Castillo set out to infuse the same success strategies into the HVAC business.
We strongly believe that the air you breathe matters. Out of our passion for health, Quality Air Indoor Specialists was born.
Our hope is to fuse our healthcare experience and passion for healthy lifestyles with HVAC expertise to create new standards in the industry.

The mission...

Quality Air Indoor Specialists is dedicated to improving customers’ and employees’ quality of life by providing industry-leading professional services and customer experiences, while striving to give back to the community.
With over 40 years of combined healthcare experience, we are passionate about the well-being of others and saw an unmet need in ventilation services. As our company’s name implies, indoor air quality is our passion and thus a key component of our business, not an add-on service or up-sell used to hit a bottom-line.
But rest assured, we are here to manage ALL of your air needs, because ultimately, if your heating and cooling systems are not operating properly and efficiently, the health of your family can be compromised. Our goal is to keep your HVAC systems healthy, which ultimately keep your home and family well.

We are proud to serve the Lake Norman area.

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