Indoor Air Quality, Asthma & Allergies, and Your Ductwork

Ah! Spring is in full bloom and now is the time most folks begin noticing how stagnant their home feels and are eager to begin the spring-cleaning process. With spring also come seasonal allergies and asthma flare-ups. You can treat the symptoms with over-the-counter or prescription medicine—but shouldn’t your plan of attack involve going to the source of irritation? The air you breathe. And the best place to start is a thorough assessment of your duct system at your home or business.

BUT, before you sign up for that $49 Groupon (which probably will only scratch the surface of the problem), let us take a closer look at understanding your duct system. Technically, your duct system is a closed system, so when installed properly, there should not be anything inside but clean air. However, if the ducts are dirty, other issues need to be addressed, such as poor design or improper installation, loose grills and registers, leaky ducts, twisted, crushed, or ripped flexible duct runs, and/or pest damage. So before jumping right into duct cleaning, our Indoor Air Specialists team will perform a full duct assessment to determine the best service to improve the cleanliness and health of your indoor space.

Quality Air Indoor Specialists uses a holistic approach to assess the air quality, HVAC system, and duct integrity. Our specialists perform a visual inspection, camera inspection, basic HVAC assessment, and indoor environmental assessment to provide healthy solutions that far exceed a standard duct cleaning service. Our specialists often learn during a routine HVAC service call that a customer has recently had their ducts cleaned, yet our crew continues to find growth, torn ducts from the cleaning process, and neglected repairs that make duct cleaning a waste of money. A full HVAC health inspection should be performed, prior to performing any service. 

Given the concerns and heightened awareness of disease transmission over the past year, you may also want to treat potentially contaminated spaces. If there was a recent gathering or someone with COVID in your home or workplace, contact fogging is recommended. This service includes fogging all surfaces, the HVAC system, and ducts with an EPA-registered botanical disinfectant that is third-party tested and proven to kill COVID, flu, bacteria, and allergens in thirty minutes.

Quality Air Indoor Specialists specializes in creating healthy air and offers a full spectrum of services to meet individualized needs. In recognition of Asthma & Allergy Awareness month, save 10% off any air quality service throughout the month of May simply by mentioning this article.

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Does your home or commercial space have poor air quality that may be causing health issues?