What Is In The Air We Breathe?

The Importance of Air Purification in Light of the Coronavirus Pandemic

What is in the air we breathe? Until recently, this question was not one most people were concerned about. But in the past several months, our world has entirely changed. The air we breathe is no longer just providing us the oxygen we need to live. Now, we are all vividly aware that the air around us holds so much more than just oxygen. As a family business built by healthcare professionals, our passion here at Quality Air of the Carolinas has always been to educate our community on the importance of understanding what is in the air we breathe and how it affects our health. Now more than ever, we want to do as much as we possibly can to educate our community and keep families healthy. So what exactly are we breathing in and why does it affect us so greatly?

What is in the Air? 

It is a well-known fact that the air around us contains oxygen that our body desperately needs to function and live. However, there is so much more in our air that we cannot see. The air around us contains millions of microscopic particles that we breathe in every second. While a portion consists of the live-giving source of fuel our bodies need, many of these particles are harmful toxins to the human body. These harmful particles can include mold spores, bacteria, allergens, chemical pollutants, and most notably in current events, viruses.

Why Should I Care?

The average human inhales around 30-60,000 times a day. That is 30-60,000 chances to breathe in particles and expose your body to harmful pathogens and pollutants. With each inhalation of harmful pollutants, the body is placed under attack. Depending on the kind of pollutant and the amount inhaled, it is hard to say when exactly the body will show symptoms of this attack. However, we know that all inhaled pollutants influence the body whether this be an immediate reaction, as in the case of a virus or allergens, or a long-term deterioration of the respiratory and immune systems. As we have seen with the novel coronavirus, the impact airborne pathogens can have on both an individual body and a community is exponentially dangerous.

What Can I Do To Protect Myself?

While wearing protective equipment, maintaining appropriate social distancing, and performing frequent hand washing are all necessary measures to decrease the spread of the novel coronavirus, there is more we can do to clean the air we breathe. With the use of specialized purification technology and expert specialists to properly assess, install and test, our team at Quality Air of the Carolinas is well equipped to provide purification technology to keep the air in your home or business healthy and safe. In clinical laboratory test, our specialized bi-polar technology, with proper expert installation, is proven to remove 99.4% of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus from the air within 30 minutes. Once installed, our systems do not require any replacement parts or upkeep, and you will notice your air feels like fresh, spring mountain air! Our purification systems use negative ions, nature’s natural air purifiers, to attach to the harmful particles in your air and remove them from circulation, keeping you and your loved ones safe and healthy. Now more than ever, air purification is vital to keeping your family or business healthy. That is why we at Quality Air of the Carolinas have made it our passion to educate our community and bring clean, healthy air to our neighbors!

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